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How Loopy Are You? - Grasshopper

On the surface, the question, “How loopy are you?” seems to be asking, “How crazed are you?” It’s loopier than that.

Loopy, in this context, is asking, “How often do you get stuck in a thought loop?”


If you’re anything like me and the rest of the world population, the answer is, “a lot.”


Who hasn’t experienced nagging, recurring thoughts that keep looping around and keep you bound?


So, the question that’s useful to explore is, “How do I escape?”


First, take notice that you’re caught in a thought loop. That means to catch yourself thinking. Once you have the observation that you’re in thinking mode, you’ve thrown in the clutch that allows you to shift gears.


Taking notice that you’re caught up in your thinking presents a road sign that points you towards the exit ramp.


Caution: Here’s where it gets tricky. Too many of us when we get the gift of awareness that we’re in thinking mode, take that opportunity to mentally beat ourselves up for having been caught in a trap of internal pap. “I’m so stupid for allowing myself to think this way.” Or “Damn it, I’ve fallen down the well again.”


These self-abasing thoughts just put you back in the loop, and once again you miss the exit.


The key is to observe unemotionally. “Oh, I’m in a thought loop about (fill in the topic).” But If you choose to castigate, your thoughts won’t abate, they’ll just take you back to the starting gate.


Just noticing your thinking without emotion or invective is the objective. Observe as though you’re a bystander and not a participant. A bystander can just state the facts without emotion because they’re not involved in the drama. They’re just the audience.


Want to be less loopy? Become an audience to your thoughts. It‘ll help you escape from the circular thinking filled with “shoulds,” “musts,” and, “oughts.”


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