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My Conditioning Hates You - Grasshopper

Truth be told, you don’t hate anybody and neither do I. But our conditioning does.

We’ve been conditioned to hate and we‘re not our conditioning. The unconditioned you hates no one. What toddler hates anyone? None of them. But they get conditioned over time to adopt a lot of unproductive things, including hate.


Look at family feuds. They go on for generations, sometimes centuries. The Hatfields hate the McCoys and vice versa. At least they used to.


Often, hate gets weakened over the generations. But not enough to make it completely go away. One way to weaken it even more is to stop passing on our prejudice. There is no need to poison anyone past yourself. It does them harm, and if they’re near and dear to you, why in God’s name would you want to hurt them?


The unconditioned you is always available. Just find a way to quiet your mind for a time and your unconditioned awareness gets activated. When you’re aware, you’re not thinking; you’re observing. And if you’re not caught up in your thinking, you can’t hate that something or someone during these peaceful moments.


The more practice you get with getting quiet, the less animosity you’ll feel. Getting quiet has a cumulative effect over time, allowing thoughts that contain negative energy to melt and fade away.


You can certainly go on hating. After all, it’s your right. But if you take my suggestion to heart, you’ll discover that keeping hate alive is all wrong.


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