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Comfortable Beliefs - Grasshopper

The Grasshopper offered me a new belief that brings me comfort. I’ll share it with you in a moment, but first let’s explore beliefs

Beliefs are thinking patterns that we’ve come to accept as true. Yet, there is often little evidence to prove the ones that belong to me or you.

In other words, we can believe in something that isn’t so for a lifetime.

People passionately argue for their beliefs every day. Perhaps, even you, have entered that fray.

Me, I don’t argue for what’s “true” anymore. I may still own a belief about something, but if there’s evidence for the opposite position, arguing for “true” is going to end in a stalemate, or worse, between me and you.

So, what’s this new comforting belief The Grasshopper has offered? “Allow yourself the freedom to believe in something, even if it’s not true, if it brings comfort to you.”

Now, let’s take the biggest belief on the planet and apply his suggestion. Do you believe in God? If you answered “yes” or “no,” you know an argument about this topic can go “to and fro” or toe-to-toe forever and a day. But, if it brings you comfort, just bask in the enjoyment of your belief without arguing for its existence.

Of course, there is a downside to adopting this new belief. We can truly believe in something that is harmful to ourselves or others. If we act on that belief, we won’t get a pass for any of those actions that cause dismay. 

There will be consequences for these actions no matter how comfortable you are in your belief.

With that caveat being noted, what’s the harm in believing that you’re the best baker of brownies in the world, or at least in your family or neighborhood? 

If that notion gives you comfort, enjoy the warm fuzzies it brings without putting it up for argument. That way you’ll enjoy the sensations without subjecting yourself to discomforting zings.

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