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New Year’s Revolution - Grasshopper

It’s the time of year that just about anyone who makes a resolution tries and fails.

For most folks, a resolution means, “I don’t really mean it.” It looks good on paper but weakens like cardboard in a rainstorm.


For things to really change, you need a revolution. That means you have to do something out of the ordinary, revolutionary, if you will.


If you’ve always made resolutions in the past, you can predict the results you’ll get in the future. Like the maxim goes, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”


Revolutionary, in this context, means totally different.


One of my favorite history lessons came from Alexander the Great. He ordered his boats burned upon arrival on the shores of Persia. And by doing so, committed his men to victory over the enemy who greatly outnumbered them. Not having a means of retreat was revolutionary.


Can you make a revolutionary commitment you can’t back out of? If not, you’ll get the results you got last time, no matter how resolute you are.


Revolution is not a guaranteed strategy. You may still fall to the enemy, but your chances increase for success when you don’t have a method for egress.


Sad to report, your resolution won’t lead to a solution. You need a revolution!


All the best & Happy New Year,


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