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Surrender takes you to a peaceful place of transformation - Grasshopper

Suppose you are afraid of needles and are compelled to get one because of necessary travel to a country that requires inoculation. Four Sumo Wrestlers appear out of nowhere and hold you down so you don't run away in fear. Do you struggle against these giants? Most people do. Does that make any sense?

All that kicking and screaming only takes its toll on you but it does nothing to solve your problem. Somewhere earlier in the process you would be best served by waving the white flag. "But I never give up; there ain't no quit in me" you may say.

It's probably because you have strong feelings that have been conditioned to the word "surrender." Those strong feelings keep you from taking the most productive course of action most of the time. That course of action is to surrender to "what is." Immediately acknowledge the Reality of the situation and then surrender.
Notice I haven't suggested not taking any action. My proposition is to simply surrender to the situation and watch what happens.

Pretend your car gets stuck in the mud. The harder you try to get out, the deeper into the muck you sink. Common sense and experience tell you if you continue on this course, you had better brush up on your Chinese. Surrendering to the situation will have one immediate benefit - you won't go any deeper in the mud.

The other benefit is that you make room in your mind for a solution to pop in. Continuing the chatter of what dire circumstances you are in will keep your story alive and your mind filled with "facts." Facts may win court cases but they rarely get you out of the mud.

Surrender simply means to accept what is happening. I didn't say love it or even like it a little. I said accept it. Accept what is right in front of you. Denial escalates the drama and keeps it alive in your mind.

Notice it's the continuation of the story that keeps you focused on everything that's wrong with the situation. The situation is the situation. Bemoaning, cursing, and exasperation are natural responses. These responses left unchecked will quickly turn to high drama.

Once you notice your programmed reaction, it's time to switch gears. So when you get mired in the mud and you have your moment of angst, that's the time to notice that the thought machine is about to spin out of control. Just this perception will bring you back into the moment. Switching into the moment is surrender.

Surrender gives you the best chance to go from predicament to peace. And in this peaceful place, you receive higher quality information that transforms the process of seeking a solution. You go from scattered thought to no thought at all. Clarity comes from this unimpeachable silence.

Who knows? Maybe you come up with the idea that there is free, all you can eat, rice and sushi in the waiting room.

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