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Un-filling The Gap - Grasshopper

Did you ever notice when a conversation goes completely quiet, we often strive to fill in the gap?

Whatever you force into that gap won’t add to the exchange, only make it more mundane.


The message here is to become more comfortable with silence. It’s out of this prolonged pause that spontaneity enters. And spontaneity contains creativity, something that pat, predictable phrases lack.


You can practice this in low-risk situations. If you’re at the drive-up window at a fast-food place and they ask, “Would you like ketchup with that?", take a beat before answering. Doing so, creates a space that primes the pump for spontaneity. You may eventually answer yes or no, but who knows what else could show up in that gap, if you don’t instantly let either of those words leave your yap?


Get comfortable with uncomfortable silence. The result: you train yourself to be more spontaneous and therefore more creative. It’ll add spice to the space when you’re out there communicating with a member of the human race.


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