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Unsettled Sensations - Grasshopper

Unsettled, upset, unbalanced are words that describe sensations going on within us. That means we can feel them in our body. Our body is a sensing machine that always does its job: sense.

“Come to your senses” is a misinterpreted phrase. We often take it to mean that we have to think some more. The senses are impressing on us to act, not to do more thinking.


Senses are measuring devices. They sense one of two things: OK or not OK. Either way, they indicate that some action is necessary.


We delay action and decide to think some more because we don’t trust our senses. They’re always accurate, but we don’t think so.


This mistrust causes its share of many of our worst decisions. What to do?


Calibrate your senses. Like anything you want to get better at, practice is your biggest ally.


Begin by remembering a time when your senses indicated one thing, but you did another. We all have countless examples of that. Notice the sensation and pinpoint where it registers in your body. Now recall another time you ignored your senses and again locate where it registers in your body. What you’re doing is heightening your senses. You’re putting an internal spotlight on where these sensations show up in your body.


By doing this cataloging exercise, you’re bringing your focus to your feeler rather than to your thinker. You become more familiar with and more trusting of your senses. Then, when they show up in future situations, you’ll know what action is necessary.


Trust that unsettled feelings are a red flag that there’s a bull in your China shop. You’re not going to talk it out the door. You’ll have to act as a matador.


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