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Tried And True - Grasshopper

The Grasshopper asked, “Are you tried and true or will you let me run one by you?”

There are countless flavorings we can put into our life. Some are more accepted than others. It’s the unaccepted that I’d like to focus on.


We get lulled into our preferred way of doing things. Let’s call it “tried and true.” When someone suggests another way, we react as though they’ve requested our first born.


If you find yourself stuck more often than a pin cushion, chances are, tried and true isn’t working for you. It’s time to let something else be run by you. It may not seem to be your cup of tea, but it does no harm to take a “look, see.”


Leave your judgements at the door and just let yourself explore the possibilities of this alternate view.  After careful examination, you may find this something new may not work for you, OR it becomes your new, workable tried and true.


Have you ever noticed how we justify what’s not working for us? That practice keeps us stuck in glue with our worn-out belief of tried and true.


It’s OK to admit you’ve outgrown an old suit of armor. You found that in it you were rusting away, sticking with the way you did back in the day. You let another viewpoint have its say and tried and true became the outdated way, not the way forward.


I hope this gives you another view of tried and true. And let me say, “thank you for letting me run this idea by you.”


All the best,


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