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Chance Meetings - Grasshopper

The Grasshopper had this to say the other day: “Chance meetings won’t happen if you don’t take chances.”

It sounded like an offering from Captain Obvious until I took a look under the hood.  


Who hasn’t experienced what we’ve labeled a “chance meeting”? “If I hadn’t lingered at the produce department putting an extra squeeze on a tomato or two, I wouldn’t have met “you know who.” It’s just one of our “go to” stories that we house in the bin of serendipity.


What we don’t recognize in the telling of our tale is that it would have never happened without some action on our part.


Action is the catalyst for any chance encounter, even the one at the deli counter.


Maybe it’s the philosophy espoused by the best-selling book “The Secret” that causes us to live so much time in our head, rather than getting out of bed and taking the steps necessary to get ahead.


You can’t plan a chance meeting. The odds are too chancy. Yes, daydream ‘til your heart’s content; just don’t count on your imaginings to be set in cement if you forego the action that’s necessary to prevent lament.


I have preached the philosophy “it’s not going to come knocking on your door” for too many Januaries to remember “if you wait to take action until late December.”


The message here is crystal clear. It’s the same one the stubborn mule got from his mother: “It’s not going to come to pass if you don’t get off your ass.”


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