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Blinded By Beliefs - Grasshopper

I believe beliefs can create a selective blindness in us. They block out, ignore, or pooh-pooh anything that doesn’t fit within the borders of our limited points of view.

The giant myth most of us buy into is that our beliefs are true. And you may have noticed that your most heated arguments are about beliefs. We argue for that which we can’t prove.


When our vision is only in our tunnel, we miss seeing the surrounding landscape. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; we just don’t consider it.


A considered opinion is one that has more facts to support it than most of our other beliefs. We can’t entirely prove it, but it has enough heft, not hype, to put a dent into opposing views.


The argument that needs to stop is the one about our belief being true. Anything that’s truly true has no opposite. For example, if I say it’s true that Karen Carpenter had the best singing voice of any female vocalist that ever lived, I will start an argument. I could say that’s what I believe and add that Paul McCartney believes it too, but I can’t argue for it being true. It’s just a humble opinion.


Even if most people agree with our opinion, it doesn’t improve our vision; it only limits it behind our designer sunglasses.


Limiting beliefs are difficult to outgrow, especially the ones that make us crow. So, the recommendation is this: remove your shades and consider other opinions. They’ll help you grow.


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