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Who Are You? - Grasshopper

When you come right down to it, the answer to the three-word question, “Who are you?” is a three-word answer: A History Lesson.

The “you” we describe ourselves to be is a collection of the history we’ve accumulated over the years. We’re a name, a social security number, a gender, a student, an occupation, spouse, parent, or any number of other labels that we identify with.


That’s the iceberg you; the part you see sticking above the water.


The biggest part of you remains below the surface and out of sight, but it’s the part of you with the most might.  


I’m fond of referring to it as “the real you.”


The real you has no differentiation from another. We’re all the same under the surface. We have the same life force that animates us, and that force is the source of all our creativity. Did you ever notice you don’t think your way to creativity? It’s not a logical exercise. It comes to you as a gift from out of the blue.


Let’s call this real you your spirit: the creative part of you that you get access to when you remove yourself from your mental stew.


It’s quiet down below. When you leave the din and clatter of the surface, the thoughts of who you are disappear. That’s where you witness your creativity appear.


The real you is a force of creation. To get in touch with your creative self, take a dip in the deep end of the pool more often than you do, and truly find the answer to the question, “Who are you?”


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