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Unplugged - Grasshopper

If you’re anything like me, you’re plugged in more than ever these days: email, texts, social media, zoom, cable TV, subscription channels, and electronic media of all sorts. That’s a lot of stimulation.

Seems we’re conditioning ourselves to be plugged in for most of our waking hours. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I believe the more we’re plugged in, the less communicating we do. Pandemic aside, to my eyes, human interaction is experiencing a severe drought.


Lack of human connection increases any divisions that are already present in society. When we stay isolated, the exchange of ideas comes to a halt and opposing camps increase their numbers.


Look no further than congress to see this lack of human interaction and its effects. I’m old enough to remember when members of the house and senate would socialize with people from the other party and have great friendships with them. No more.


We’re a fractured society that’s becoming more brittle by the day. Sorry to say that being more plugged in and dug in won’t pave the way towards a society that interacts and heals its wounds. It’ll only cause more dismay.


It’s time to unplug and reach out. Otherwise, we’ll stay isolated and continue to pout, and not make the necessary connections to work things out.


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