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Ignoring The Guardrails - Grasshopper

I believe most of us have a history of ignoring the guardrails, often to our disadvantage.

The guardrails I refer to are the signals that your body sends you that you disregard. These shrugged off red flags keep you color blind and can put you in a bind.


How often have you let your thinking overrule your sensations? The more often you do, the more likely you are to end up in dog pooh.


Your body is your first responder. It gets signals well before your intellect can interpret them. It’s in our best interest to pay attention to those signals more often than we do. It takes some paying attention to get in the habit of noticing those sensations and getting curious about what they’re attempting to communicate.


Your body is your partner in this adventure known as life, and when you pay more attention to it, you become more aware of a fuller picture when you include it in your deciding mixture.


If you’ve ever seen preschoolers bowling, you have witnessed the gutters in the lanes filled with buffering material on each side of the lane to prevent the ball from going in the gutter. These guardrails are put in place to spare the little ones’ efforts from going awry and gives them less reason to cry.


Guardrails are included in our human software package. Make sure to use them in your decision making and you’ll do more celebrating when you do less forsaking.


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