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Adjust Your Environment - Grasshopper

I just reread Bruce Lipton’s seminal book THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF and was impressed again with the major role environment plays in our health and mental well-being.

Regarding health, simply stated, a cell responds to the environment it’s in. If it’s nurturing, the cell thrives; if it’s toxic, the cell dies.


Mental well-being is also dependent on our environment. Nurturing thoughts produce a well-regulated mind. Toxic thoughts keep us in an unhealthy bind.


This isn’t a treatise on positive thinking, it’s about the environment you surround yourself with.

Think about your physical environment for a moment. Does it nurture you? If not, it’s going to be difficult to produce nurturing thoughts that lead to more productive actions. Whether it’s your workspace, living space, sleep space, or your creative space, make the time to transform it to a nurturing environment and you’ll witness the fruits of your efforts more often.


Who do you surround yourself with? Do they nurture your growth or do they stagnate it? When you answer that question, you’ll have a blueprint for who belongs in your environment and who doesn’t.


We respond to our environment. It has deep effect on our lives, so make it nurturing and you’ll experience more pleasant sighs. Aaahh.


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