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Inertia Is Stronger Than Gorilla Glue® - Grasshopper

It seems the main culprit in keeping us stuck is inertia. The dictionary definition of inertia is “A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged.”

Inertia has to be overcome before we can become, excuse the expression, unglued.


First, let me offer a tried-and-true formula for keeping inertia in place: The less you do, the less you want to do.


Now that we know what contributes to inertia, how do we free ourselves from this ultra-sticky zone?


The short answer is “Do something, anything.” Action is the overlord of inertia. By doing anything, you have activated the force that gets inertia off its butt.


Perhaps an example would be helpful. Suppose you have to put the trash out or take something to the dump but, for whatever reason, you aren’t moving in that direction. In fact, you’re not moving at all. What to do?


Do anything that requires movement. It doesn’t have to be monumental; you just gotta move. Then move again, and then again.


It may seem inconsequential on the surface, but below decks the movement makes an impression. You are beginning the habit of movement. You may not right away be able to muster the energy to do the big task, but it’s child’s play to do something little.


Do three little things in a row, things that require movement. If you’re sitting, do something standing up. If you’re lying down, get up and move to another space. It’s unimportant what you do as long as movement is involved.


After you do the third small thing, entertain doing the task that previously had you stay stationary. And don’t be too surprised when you find yourself doing it. This is Newton’s “Law of Motion” at work: An object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion.”


You’re actually tricking inertia to move. By putting such little demands on it, they’re not a serious threat. And like the lobster in a pot of cold water that’s slowly heated up, the increments are cumulative and are noticed too late. You’re on the move!


Do three small movements in a row and you’ll convince inertia you’re already on the go.


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