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The EYES Have It - Grasshopper

I’ve recently discovered a mind quieting exercise that works for me, instantly! I call it “The EYES Have It.”

It’s easy to do and extremely effective in interrupting your train of thought and making a quiet space in you mind. It’s in the space between thoughts that creativity has room to do its work.


When you catch yourself lost in thought, give this technique a go and witness your mind get quiet and give your creativity room to grow.


I’ve heard it said that you can’t keep your eyes open and sneeze at the same time. It seems this technique works on a similar principle.


Here’s how to do it: Just take each of your eyes to the outside corner of its eye socket. It’s the opposite of being cross-eyed, where both eyes go in towards the nose. In other words, your left eye is looking lateral left and your right eye is looking lateral right at the same time. It’ll take some focus the first few times you do it. Keep your eyes in this position for about 30 seconds and notice that it’s hard to have thoughts enter your mind during this time.


It’s a great way to interrupt that internal chatter, most of which doesn’t matter.


Like anything, it takes some practice to get better, but I’m betting that it will help you still your mind for a time and give you more access to the sublime.


Leave me a comment if you choose and let me know how well this works for you.


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