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Where Is Your Power? - Grasshopper

We all have a seat of power. The question is: Where is it?

Your power is one thought away from your regular thoughts. Your regular thoughts are conditioned reactions and contain precious little power.


The key that unlocks your power is your ability to go a thought or two past your stale reaction and arrive at your source of power: a response.


Your power lies in your ability to respond. It’s the one thing you do have some control over.


Often, we can’t control how we react. Our reaction seems like it’s pre-programmed. It seems that way because it is. We have been conditioned to live in a stimulus/reaction world. If somebody says or does X, you react with Y, almost every time.


Just think about any recurring argument you are having with someone. You can predict what the other person is going to do or say based on what you do or say and vice-versa. If you took a moment to stop and notice, what you would see is your reactions arguing with each other. You’re just the actor delivering the scripted lines.


When you take the time to choose a response instead of reacting, you have activated your power. A response will take your back and forth in a new direction, not to the same dead end you’ve arrived at in the past.


Responses contain power, power to move you past a sticking point where you’re not glued to your reactions.


Start to recognize that you can respond. That means to pause and let your reactions go by and select a thought that’s further down the line and inject it into your interaction and watch the dynamics change. By choosing a response, you become the stimulus vs. being the reaction and isn’t that the power we all want?


If you want to communicate instead of flagellate, plug into your responses, and you’ll be connected to an unending source of power.


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