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Dress Rehearsals - Grasshopper

If you’re in a theater group that’s doing a play, dress rehearsals are a must, especially if you want to get to Broadway. For the rest of us, rehearsing what you’re going to say keeps your authenticity at bay.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to have a purpose going into a conversation with another, but your words, quite often, will miss the mark, if you leave your spontaneity in the dark.


Who hasn’t rehearsed in their head precisely what they’re going to say? We’ve all done it, but, statistically, it’s not your best play.


Your odds for getting through increase if you don’t rehearse how to say your piece.


Don’t believe me. Just look at your personal experience. Your most effective communications came from an unscripted place.


Generally, what I find is that we don’t trust ourselves to say the right thing. We craft some preconceived notions into a stilted soliloquy, and even though the sun is shining, we don’t make any hay.


The message here is to trust your ability to respond. Unlike a reaction, a response will come from a creative place. Respond to what’s offered to you by another instead of “re-acting” something you’ve rehearsed, and you’ll find that you and another will become immersed in communicating, by you not seeking an Oscar for debating.


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