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Making Connections - Grasshopper

Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “He/she/has connections.”? It suggests they’re associated with people with influence and access.

People who “go it alone” lack connections and, in my experience, are disconnected from possibilities.


In the past, I have labeled myself as a social hermit. That means I can mix it up with the best of them in mixed company, but generally prefer not to. That kept me on an isolated path without too much social interaction. It’s a hindrance to progress. It’s, as they say, “a slow go.”


Possibilities result from connections with other people. People are our greatest outside resource.


Suppose you have built a better mouse trap. That’s certainly a feather in your cap but it won’t feather your nest until you can take it to market. That’s where other people come into play. They have the know-how and the connections to make it happen. But your idea will sit on the shelf if you continue to do it all by yourself.


Also, getting connected to others puts you in connection with other parts of yourself – parts that have remained dormant. You wake up your aliveness when other people enter your life.


My guess is that “go it aloners” are loathe to ask for help. It’s puts a pin prick in their facade of invincibility. They keep themselves bubble wrapped to keep their illusion from bursting. They and we need the help of others to come out from hiding, and to make things happen.


The first step is reaching out. If you’re waiting for someone to reach in, I can assure you it’s a long wait and a slim possibility. The second step is to make requests of others. If you don’t tell them what you want, you’ll remain wanting.


If you recognize yourself in this writing, I suggest it’s time to for you to connect. Plug in to other people and you’ll reconnect with your aliveness, and your reach will put more in your grasp.


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