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The Answer Machine - Grasshopper

I was out for a walk recently and this thought arose in my head: “The bonus is between the blather.”

That thought came to me when I wasn’t thinking; I was just experiencing the walk. That’s when most revelations or answers come my way: when I’m in the quiet space between thoughts. It’s the same for you.


Let’s call it “Exploring inner space.”


When we demand answers from our thinking machine, we’re so busy talking to ourselves that we don’t notice “in-between.” That’s what I’m calling the answer machine.


So how do we get in-between our thoughts? There are countless ways, but one tried and true method is to immerse yourself in some physical activity: wash your car, do the dishes, backwash your Water Pik®, or take a walk. When you get your body involved, your thinker goes on the back burner, giving your answer machine room to work.


I find it helpful to dedicate a physical activity to the answer I’m seeking. For example, if I’m undecided on which way to go on something, I make that the goal of my physical activity. I set an intention. Then I just go about the walk or other activity experiencing all that it has to offer: sights, sounds, feelings, smells, etc. It puts my thinking on pause and activates the answer machine.


It’s helpful to pretend there is a part of you that knows the answer, because there truly is. It just needs space to create.


So, if you’re bogged down with blather and you desire an answer, avoid being an orator, but rather become a dancer. Physical activity quiets your thinker as you dedicate yourself to your activity hook, line, and sinker.


Give this method, as the British say, a “go” and witness the answers begin to flow.


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