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A True Iconoclast - Grasshopper

One dictionary definition for the word “Iconoclast” is a person who challenges cherished beliefs or institutions. Somewhere along the way, I found that label to be descriptive of me. Often, when exposed to some widely accepted ideas, I thought, “I don’t agree.”

In the past, I would argue for my oppositional positions, but that practice faded away when I realized no matter how factual my views, for most people, they held no sway. It occurred to me that the word ‘truth” was too loosely used when espousing one’s views.


I couldn’t claim my iconoclastic positions were true when there were facts supporting both sides of the issues. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in my positions; it just means that arguing for them just ends in an argument.


Are there some things that just about everyone believes that you can’t validate for you? I’m not referring to an opinion. That’s generally a belief we have that has no evidence to back it up. I’m talking about something that you have documentation for, but not enough of it to claim it’s true. If that applies to you, welcome to the iconoclastic crew.


The hardest lesson for an iconoclast to learn is not to argue. Yes, be willing to discuss your alternate view, but leave out the word that gets people up in arms: True.


I’d love to tell you about the things I think almost everyone has askew, but that may put me on the opposite side of the fence from you, something I no longer choose to do.


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