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Dig Up Or Dig In? - Grasshopper

It occurred to me that there is a distinction between digging up and digging in when it comes to our past.

Digging up is associated with dirt in my mind. That’s an investigation that may lead to humiliation.


Digging in suggests looking back for a cause of something continuing in our life today.


But whether you’re digging up or digging in, it’s useful to recognize that engaging in the past for too long prevents you from moving forward. There comes a time to act on the information you’ve dug up or dug into. That time is always NOW!


Some folks will justify staying stuck where they are by the information they unearthed. “Ah ha, that’s why I am the way I am” or “that’s why I do the things I do.” They are both history lessons that may be enlightening or entertaining but staying “dug in” with them keeps you in a rut.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve done or said stuff in the past that Is foreign to me now. I don’t let those things define me and hold me in place. They’re like an old clothing catalogue filled with things I’ve outgrown.


I think it’s a fun pastime to go onto an ancestry website and look at your history and origins but finding out you’re third cousin, once removed was Benedict Arnold has no bearing on your ability to move forward today.


This old axiom comes to mind: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” The laws of physics will prove to you that going backwards won’t take you forward.


There comes a time to build a bridge from where you are (however you got there) to where you want to go. That time is now.


Once you get a lesson from the past, there comes a time to let it go, especially if you want to grow. Otherwise, your entire life will be a tough row to hoe.


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