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Getting To The Next Moment - Grasshopper

I don’t know about you, but I spent a good portion of my adult life attempting to get to the next moment.

In my mind, the next moment was more attractive than the one I was in. The next moment for me was visions of weekends, holidays, or vacation. They were certainly things to look forward to but longing to be there had me ignore where I truly was in any given moment.


Thankfully, I finally got the gift of awareness that you can’t get to the next moment without going through the one you’re in. In fact, if you ignore your current moment, you stall any progress towards a new one.


Escapism and daydreaming have their place, but even those visions won’t transport you to the next moment. It’s necessary to experience the moment you’re in in order to open the door to the next one.


Refusing to recognize the moment you’re in translates to stuck. That means the moment you want to get to will have you chase the horizon. Until you realize the horizon is an illusion, you will remain glued where you are.


It’s a simple concept that took me a long time to grasp. It’s this: The moment you’re in is the only moment there is. Live it. You can only be where you are. Once you have that realization, you’re moments closer to the moments you desire.


Please don’t think I’m saying you have to like the moment you’re in; you only have to accept it. Acceptance of reality is your passport through the moment you’re in.


You miss a giant portion of your life waiting for the next moment. The recommendation is to accept and live the moment you’re in. The result? You live more of your life and lessen your bouts with strife.


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