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Our Hidden Gift - Grasshopper

Somewhere in the late 80s I was introduced to a phrase that had me start looking at life from a different angle. It was a gift.

This gift isn’t something someone gives to you, or that you give to yourself. You are already in possession of it. It’s already present waiting for you to unwrap it.


What was the phrase that turned my thinking on its ear? The Gift of Awareness.


We’re all familiar with our five senses. The gift of awareness transcends them all.


The main difficulty is that many of us are unaware that we’re aware. Our awareness stays out of sight but is always working day and night.


The best analogy I can come up with for awareness is that it’s the ability to observe yourself in action. It’s like you’re watching a movie of your life in real time. You’re in the projection booth looking down at yourself acting out your scenes on the screen.


Awareness observes but does not participate in your conscious existence. We’re only consciously aware of very little.  But Awareness with a capital “A” sees from A to infinity.


The main gift that awareness has given me is that I’m not my thinking. I never have been and never will be. But like everyone, I get caught up in my thinking from time to time and it limits me to one, narrow angle of view. It’s then that the gift of awareness steps in and pulls me out of that thought loop, showing me how to observe my thoughts instead of participating in them. Becoming aware presents me with options I could never think my way to.


Here’s an introductory exercise you can practice that will get you in the habit of enjoying the gifts that awareness brings. When you catch yourself thinking, (you’ll have countless opportunities every day), step off the stage and watch your mind at work. What you’ll discover is that your mind has a mind of its own. It will go on thinking without your participation. You can practice sitting in the audience and watching this drama play out. It’s quite entertaining once you get the hang of it.


This observation will prove to you that your thinking is not you. You are the awareness that notices your thinking. I refer to awareness as the “Real You.” You are the observer of your existence.


Once you discover your gift of awareness, you’ll want to play with it more often. It’ll become your favorite toy, delivering more gifts from out of the blue by expanding your angle of view.


Make it your daily mission to become more aware that you’re aware. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

All the best,


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