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Busy And Important - Grasshopper

A person who makes little time for others is someone I refer to as “busy and important.”


These folks have a sense of undeserved grandeur about them that makes them believe they’re above the fray. They put on airs they don’t have the height to breathe, yet they pretend they have the right.


In their eyes, the opposite is true for you: you’re unimportant, and their intention is to make you feel less than. I find it to be their way of building themselves up, to chase away their own feelings of insignificance.


An elitist feel permeates the atmosphere around them, walling them off from others not entitled to breathe the same air.


Reminds me of a story the late Dr. Dave Dobson told. He was in sales at the time and had a meeting with the manager of a store. They met in the mangers office and to say this man was dismissive would be an understatement. He brought out an hourglass filled with sand that he turned over to start the meeting and said to Dave, “You have three minutes.” Dave took a breath and said, “I couldn’t possibly tell you all that you need to know in that time, so let me take the time to ask you, ‘how did you get started in this business?’”


The man began to tell his story and about a half hour later, Dave made his pitch and left with the sale.


There was a book out in the 70s called “Looking Out For #1” by Robert Ringer. One of the main themes in the book was how to bring people down from their pedestals so you could meet on an even keel. Ringer recommended that when you met a person with a title like a doctor or a priest and they were introduced to you as Dr. So and So or Father Smith, you were to acknowledge the title and then level the playing field. He would say, “Glad to meet you Father Smith, and what is your first name?” He would then refer to them throughout the conversation by their name vs. their title.


I find that truly busy and important people make time to acknowledge others. They exude an aura of approachability and acknowledge the human connection between the two of you.


I guess the message here is this: make time for others. Make them important by letting them know you’re not too busy for them.


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