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The Two Sides Of Pretending - Grasshopper

Stretching the truth OR finding a way forward are two sides of pretending. Which one you use determines whether you discover a new path or continue on with a ruse.

There’s an old Nat King Cole song called “Pretend.” The lyrics are “Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue, it isn’t very hard to do.” It shines a light on the upside of pretending. The old axiom “fake it ‘til you make it” comes to mind. This sort of pretending creates options that don’t appear if you stay stuck crying in your beer.


Then there’s the use of the word that has negative connotations for me, as in “He/she’s a pretender.” That means they put on airs that aren’t theirs. It’s often indicative of a self-image problem. These folks don’t think too much of themselves, so they overcompensate by attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, including their own. They’re not role playing; they’re just delaying – any chance they have of finding a way forward.


Acting “As If” can build bridges to new tomorrows; projecting who you’re not, will keep you drowning your sorrows.


“Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue” and you won’t be pretending. In fact, it’ll open your eyes to more promising endings.


If you want to lay claim to a future, heed the closing lyrics of the song. “The world is mine it can be yours my friend, so why don't you pretend.”


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