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You Can’t BS Your Body - Grasshopper

“You can bullshit the whole world, including yourself, but you can’t BS your body, and neither can anyone else.” So said The Grasshopper recently.

My mom had an expression she used: “Keep your hair cut, your shoes shined, and your nails clipped, and you can BS the world.” But even if you adopted that philosophy, you often couldn’t fool yourself. You knew you were full of it.


But when a delusion gets so ingrained, you start to BS yourself too.


The good news is that your body always knows what’s up. Let’s say you have bouts of acid indigestion, and you have a history that eating pizza triggers it. You start telling yourself that this time it’ll be different. You’ll be OK this time because you’re only going to have one slice. An hour later your body reacts. Your body doesn’t care that it’s only one slice, and it doesn’t care if it’s your birthday. Your body will always impress upon you that if you eat pizza, you’ll get heartburn.


This BS radar your body owns is signaling you all the time, in real time. It’s a warning mechanism that alerts you that your eyes are about to get wooly. A lot of people sense this premonition in their stomach, and it’s aptly called a gut reaction. But others have their bodies signal them in other ways. You could get a furrowed brow, a dry mouth, a gulping sensation, increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, or a gurgling in your bowels to name just a few of the ways your body puts you on notice.


It pays to pay more attention to your body in advance. It’s your first responder and it will sound the alarm that a fire is about to transpire. It’s applicable in all situations with yourself and others.


If you can remember this: you sense first and you reason second, you will start paying more attention to your body. Then, the wolves in sheep’s clothing at your door will trigger your alarm bells forevermore.


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