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What Makes You Smile? - Grasshopper

I remember an old joke which asks: “What’s the longest word in the dictionary?” The answer was “smiles” because it had a mile between the two Ss.

For me, the Peanuts© characters Snoopy and Woodstock always make me smile. So much so, that I have their reminders all around. I have a stuffed animal version of both of them in my bedroom, I have books that feature them on my coffee table, I have decals of them on my laptop computer and on the side window of my car. My friend Hali painted me a version of the two of them uproariously laughing that is displayed in my bookcase. I drink out of plastic cups that have their pictures on them. I could go on.


They all serve as prompts to smile every time I see them.


So, what makes you smile? What turns the corners of your mouth towards your ears? It’s a question worth answering and acting upon. Find out what makes you smile and surround yourself with reminders of it. They act as cues to chase away the blues.


I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much garlic or too much smiling. The warm feelings in your whole body from just a smile on your face is reason enough to have these reminders all over the place.


Take the time to find out what makes you turn that frown upside down, and then decorate your surroundings with these well placed “nudgings” that will take away your “curmudging.”


Then you’ll have a mile of smiles to rely on when life presents you with its tribulations and trials.


All the best,


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