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Have Confidence In Your Body - Grasshopper

“Confidence isn’t a thought; it’s a feeling” is the most obvious whispering The Grasshopper has given me in the last 20 years. I wonder if there’s a deeper message.

His message could be about how to get more confidence, or it could be a pointer on how valuable it is to give more attention to the sensations in your body.


Let’s explore both. Generating the feeling of confidence is an exercise in association. Everyone is confident about something, even if it ‘s about your ability to pour a glass of orange juice. So, go into your memory banks and pick out something you can confidently do. Vividly imagine yourself doing it, and when you feel the sensation you call confidence in your body, associate something with it. It could be as simple as snapping your fingers. Do this mental exercise about five times in a row and you will have associated confidence with finger snapping.


See, your nervous system doesn’t know the difference between confidence in pouring a glass of juice or asking the boss for a raise. It only knows the feeling of confidence. So, when you want to summon that feeling, start snapping your fingers before you do what you want to do, and feel the sensation you call confidence flow through you.


That’s the practical application of the transferable sensation known as confidence. But what about a deeper message?


The fact hidden in plain sight for all of us is this: we ignore our bodies and pay too much attention to the thoughts in our mind, especially the ones that tell us we’re not capable of doing something.


Your body is your first responder, and it feels everything well before any thought reaches your intellect. And by the time a thought reaches your mind, it has gone through the filters of your conditioning that waters it down and reduces its potency.


The deeper message is to recognize and utilize your body more often. It’s a sensing machine that gets the raw data well before your intellect can dilute it. Start noticing your feelings first. Make it a practice to check with your body before making choices and you’ll confidently make more snap decisions.


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