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Reality Is Non-Negotiable - Grasshopper

I listened to an interview with teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg when she said, “We must remember that we can’t negotiate or compromise with the laws of physics.” Her remarks put a blinding spotlight on the human lunacy of railing against reality.

If you have read me over time, you’ve witnessed me claim that reality (what happens) is the only truth. When we attempt to put the truth label on our opinion of what happened, that’s when we sink into the abyss of absurdity.


The fact that some attempt to change the definition of facts just shows how far we’ve drifted away from reality. An apple fell from the tree is an observable fact. The apple fell from the tree because it got tired of hanging there is an opinion.


Just observe and listen to people, including yourself, spout out opinions that have no basis in fact. They constitute what we would like to be true, not what actually happened.


Reality doesn’t care about your opinion. It does what it does without recrimination and no attempt on our part to castigate or negotiate has any effect on what is left in its wake.


I think if reality had a message for us, it would be this: GET REAL!


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