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All Or Nothing? - Grasshopper

You get your pick, so what will it be: All or Nothing?

Almost everyone says, “All.” I used to be a card-carrying member of that crowd . . . until I found out that “Nothing” contains it all.


“All,” for most, is what’s in their line of sight, meaning what they can tangibly see. The unseen is where “All” actually lives. It’s in the land of Nothing.


The Buddha introduced the world to “no-thing.” It’s the source of everything, or more simply put – All.


Every creative idea or act comes from nothing. It’s like the coming and going of sound. Perhaps an example would be helpful. Let’s say you’re standing on the side of a back road. All of a sudden you hear a slight whirring sound. A moment later the sound becomes louder and you recognize it as the sound of a motorcycle. It eventually gets louder as it passes by, and then its sound fades again as it's ridden out of range.


The motorcycle was in existence before you heard it and it was still there after you could no longer see or hear it. The sound seemingly came from nothing and returned to nothing.


Your creative idea was always there, you just couldn’t see or hear it because it was in the land of no-thing. Until you went there to retrieve it, it seemed like it didn’t exist. It did. All things exist, they just need to be uncovered. That’s what we do when we visit no-thing. We uncover things that already exist but are out of our awareness.


Your passport to no-thing is quieting your mind. It’s busy with thoughts of having it all but fails to get results because it’s noisily searching outside instead of going quietly in. You can’t think your way to creativity. You only get that burst of enlightenment when your thinker quiets down. That’s when “No-thing” goes to town – creating it all.


Striving for “All” results in a stall. Pursuing no-thing is your passport to everything.


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