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What I Meant To Say - Grasshopper

We’ve all misspoken. Those that claim they haven’t, haven’t got a clue that sometimes your tongue runs away with you.

If you’re always explaining yourself, to quote Ricky Ricardo, “You have some ‘splainin’ to do.”


If “spinning” has become a way of life, odds are against it having a very long lifespan.


I’ve often written about “My Bad” needing to make a triumphant return to our vocabulary. It’s the self-deprecating grace that helps us save face.


Hardly any of us wants to say, “I was wrong” and nobody wants to say, “I lied,” but they are the “spin-less” phrases that give you a chance to save your hide.


Sadly, some will spin themselves into the ground, without ever having given any ground. And those that they leave behind, who act as defenders, will spin out of control trying to explain away how they’ll be remembered.


Bottom line: Taking responsibility and admitting you were off base will affirm your membership in the human race, and let people know that you’re not a “head case.”


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