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Your Hidden Secret - Grasshopper

It’s easier to get a handle on it than it is to fully grasp: What, pray tell? – Your hidden secret.

The secret you’ve been looking to discover your whole life is in plain view but it’s hard to see because you cannot yet comprehend that “you are not you.”


That’s the secret: You are not you!


But it’s the decoding of the message that’s the hard part because it seems so unlikely to be true.


The you that you’re not is the you that you made up and got comfortable with. The self-image you have conditioned and carry around in your mind is a distortion. You’re looking at a fun house mirror reflection and believing it’s you.


You are not your name, your gender, your sexual preference, your political affiliation or any other label you have affixed to yourself over time. They are bumper stickers covering up the real you.


You are not who you think you are. It’s your thinking that projects your false image. You are what’s left when you remove all your labels, stories, preferences, prejudices, and beliefs. You were born with none of them and when you die, you’ll have none of them.


So the secret to discovering the secret while you’re still living is to remove your self-descriptions one-by-one and discover who you really are: everything under the sun.


You are all of it. That means that you have access to infinity but you block your access by attempting to break it down into a mathematical formula – one that keeps adding but never reaching a sum.


The secret to finding your hidden secret is subtraction.


The more labels you remove the more “you” you’ll find. And you’ll discover that the real you is infinity, which cannot be defined.


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