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Natural Resources - Grasshopper

How resourceful are you? Pretty loaded question, eh? The answer is, “more resourceful than you think.”

Your thinking will only get you the resources you already know about and have. When your thinking calms down, you’re in touch with your natural resources, an inexhaustible supply that continually replenishes.


Your external resources have names and descriptions. Your internal resources, the natural ones, can’t be named or described, but they can be lured into action by taking the following action: Turn down the noise in your mind.


If you think meditation is “touchy, feely” stuff, you’re missing out on tapping into your natural resources. Once you learn to calm your mind, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources that lay hidden in that quiet space.


So, if for no other reason, learn a meditative practice for a selfish reason: to take advantage of your resources. Their abundance will contribute to yours. So, to be healthy, wealthy and wise, turn down the noise and let your resources rise.


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