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Our Common Sense Has Been Imprisoned - Grasshopper

What’s happened to our common sense? It has been taken prisoner by the purveyors of doom for profit.

“Follow the money” has never been a more necessary direction to follow than it is now. Follow that trail and you will free yourself from jail.


The mental prison we’ve been locked in is our fearful mind. We have been conditioned to be fearful by those who will profit from our fear.


We only check messages that come our way with our mind, and rarely our body – where our senses live.


Your body senses a scam long before the word comes to mind. But we block our senses with the relentless, biased messaging we receive.


Look at medicine ads on TV as an example. They prey on our fears. They highlight a malady and then suggest that it will get worse, knowing that it will drive us into the arms of fear, and to the store to buy their product. “Ask your doctor about (product name).“ The words “your doctor” are used three to four times in these ads. That’s not by accident. It serves two purposes:


1.     It gives credence to their product by associating it with the word “doctor.”

2.     It employs you as a pharmaceutical salesman to your doctor.


I don’t know about you but I want my doctor telling me what to take, not me telling her or him.


The proven method of freeing yourself from the bonds of mental conditioning is to pay more attention to your body. Find out what your senses are impressing upon you, and you’ll avoid eating the fearful, mental stew.


I’ve never experienced as much collective fear in society as I’m witnessing now. It’s time to take off our thinking caps for a spell and tap into our common senses to find out if all is well.


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