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Good Ideas Are left At The Starting Gate If You Don’t Run With Them - Grasshopper

How many pearls of wisdom have been fed to the swine? Too many if you let your ideas die on the vine.

Years ago, I worked for a man who had hired thousands of sales people in his career. I asked him what the secret was to be a good salesman. His response was succinct: “Show up!”


He meant to do more than talk about what you’re going to do: follow through.


Inspiration is only half a loaf. When you follow through on your creative spark, you could wind up owning the bakery. If you don’t persevere, you could be headed for the bread line.


I wonder how many “good” ideas you have sitting on the shelf that need just a little drive to make them come alive.


You’d be surprised how many creative things you can bring into this world just by taking baby steps forward. Make a commitment to hit the ground running each day towards one of your good ideas, no matter how short the distance.


Here’s the result: You’ll leave the starter’s gate in your rear view mirror and put some polish on your creative idea.


Ready, set, go!


All the best,


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