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Making The Invisible, Visible - Grasshopper

It was a whole new discovery for me to realize that creativity is the art of making the invisible, visible.

It’s quite possible that the last sentence you spoke aloud may have never been spoken before by anyone, not even you. It was a creation. I’ll grant you it may not have been a profound utterance, but it was an original.


Creativity comes from inside of you, not as a result of a mental stew. Getting out of your head is a prerequisite for creativity. Getting creative means getting quiet.


An idea from the outside may spark your creative juices, but make no mistake; the creativity is coming from the inside.


The Grasshopper reminded us years ago that, “You are a conduit for creativity.” It's born inside of you and arises into consciousness. It flows from inside, out.


Want to be more creative? Get quiet more often. Let your thinking calm down and bring yourself back to the ground zero of inspiration.


Here’s a little rhyme to remind you of the creative process:


Making the invisible, visible

Is easy to do

Just get out of your head

More often than you do.


All the best,


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