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Any Act Of Doing Moves You To A Different Place - Grasshopper

Moving your thoughts and moving your body have two different outcomes. One leaves you stuck in your head and the other moves you in a different direction.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You gather up the things you need to do a task and settle in to your workspace and then remember that you forgot one thing, and have to move to go get it. I find it frustrating that I have to move out of my comfort zone to get what I need.


No amount of thinking is going to get me that item without moving, but yet I spend a lot of time lamenting that I have to get up and go.


Doing gets results; thinking about doing is pseud-action and has you spinning your wheels without gaining any traction.


French Philosopher René Descartes didn’t finish his sentence so allow me. “I think therefore I am” immobile.


Doing takes practice, especially if you’re in the habit of remaining stationary.


If you need assistance in this area, an excellent teacher on movement is Mel Robbins. She has a book and a YouTube video with the same name: The 5-Second Rule. If you procrastinate, she will put some movement in your gait.


If you’re mooing more than you’re doing, it’s time to move out of your pasture. If you don’t, you’ll milk your future dry.


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