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Tune In To Your Spirit By Tuning Out Your Thoughts - Grasshopper

I consider myself a spiritual person but the word “spiritual” has different meanings to different people. Here’s what it means to me.

I’m in tune with my spirit (my creative self) when my thoughts take a mini vacation. When I observe without naming, I’m spiritual. To use a computer term, that means I’m experiencing unlimited bandwidth that’s not available to me when I’m categorizing, evaluating, and debating thoughts in my head.


Tuning in to your spirit begins with a mind quieting practice. There are many to choose from; and here's one that will start the process for you:


Close your eyes for about 10 seconds. Then slowly open your eyes and look around you. You will see many things present in your environment. As you look at each thing, see how long you can go without naming it in your head. For most folks, they can only go a second or two before their internal voice starts labeling what they're seeing. Do this exercise over and over until you can expand the time you can go without naming.


When you do this exercise, you create spaces between your thoughts. When you have space between your thoughts, you are in touch with your spirit, which is a wellspring of creativity.


The benefits of observing without naming are twofold:


1.     You have quieted your mind.

2.     You are in tune with your source of all creation.


A quiet mind is a creative mind: one that allows options and answers to arise within you, solutions that heretofore were blocked from your view.


Most folks are locked in to “figure it our mode.” That means they're limited by their thinking. Quoting the British Philosopher Alan Watts, “If I think all the time, I won’t have anything to think about except my own thoughts. Now, that would leave me high and dry, and I would become like a library to which the only books being added were books about the books that were already in it.”


Want more solutions? Start the practice of observing without naming. You'll tune out the noise and tune in to your spirituality.


Give the above exercise a go. You can do it! That’s the spirit!


All the best,


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