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Over The Rainbow - Grasshopper

One of the most emotional songs for me is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” I love just about every version I’ve ever heard, including the original from Judy Garland. My personal favorite is sung by Harry Nilsson featured in the movie You’ve Got Mail.

The song holds a deeper meaning for me. I find it transcendent. It takes me from one world to another: from the hard and fast world of everyday logic to the magical land of possibility.


If a tin man can get a heart and a cowardly lion get courage, “why then, oh, why can’t I” get what seems logically impossible to me?


I see more possibilities when I get on the other side of the rainbow. There, I’m not limited by my boxed-in thinking or hampered by the mechanical mantra of “It can’t be done.”


I invite you to go over the rainbow more often. It clears your head of worries and woes and you’ll feel relaxed from your head to your toes.


The good news is you don’t have to get hit in the head by a flying piece of debris to take this trip. Just get comfortable and close your eyes and monitor your breathing for a moment or two. Allow the thoughts in your head to just go by just like passing clouds, and give your attention to the feelings in different parts of your body. Just by paying attention to your body’s sensations allows your body and your mind to relax, and your world of logic and reason begins to fade away.


Before you know it, you’re in another world – one filled with endless possibilities.


The more often you take this trip, the better you get at making the transition.


The world of possibility has more colors than the rainbow, and the best news is, after each trip you feel so good that you’ll just want to click your heels.


All the best,


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