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Come To Your Senses - Grasshopper

Can you remember watching a movie or TV show that had the following scene in it? One character is frozen in fear and another character attempts to snap them out of it and slaps them across the face and says, “Come to your senses!”

What does that phrase literally mean?


When you are caught up in your thinking, perhaps frozen in fear, the remedy is always the same: A figurative slap in the face to remind you to pay attention to your senses.


When you catch yourself in a thought loop (you’ll have hundreds of opportunities a day), have the presence of mind to sense what’s going on in the reality that surrounds you. What are you seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting?


These are your sense perceptions and by paying attention to them, you remove yourself from your thinking and become aware of what your body is sensing. This is coming to your senses.


It’s a great way to get out of your head and avoid the inevitable dread that produces. It’s a waking meditation that creates peace of mind by paying less mind to your thoughts.


If you’re a religious person, you’re probably aware of what the bible describes as the peace that passeth all understanding. That’s what you experience when you “Come to your senses.”


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