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Every Puzzle Piece Has Its Place - Grasshopper

Ever work a giant jigsaw puzzle? There are thousands of pieces; each one equally contributes to the complete picture. How often, during the course of solving our puzzle, do we toss one piece back into the box and label it as “insignificant” to what we’re looking for at the moment?

When we do the same thing with people, the consequences are far greater. Anytime we don’t acknowledge their importance to the whole, we leave a hole in our puzzle, and emptiness in their existence.


I can’t tell you how many TV and radio commercials I’ve seen and heard over the years that contain some form of this line: “People are our most important product.” It’s lip service to an ideal that’s not followed up on. People are treated as transactional pieces in their quest to sell a product or service. People are only important to their current needs.


The same thing happens at houses of worship on the Sabbath. The sermon or teaching may be “Love thy neighbor,” but afterwards on the steps of the holy dwellings we often hear gossip and disparagement about our “lovely” neighbors.


When you ignore or treat people as “less than,” and not as part of the whole, you not only alienate them, but you leave a hole in your soul.

Quoting The Grasshopper from long ago, "Improved human relations begin with you. Here's a starting point: just remember what it feels like to be acknowledged and respected, and then convey that feeling to others."


There is a place for everyone and there are no insignificant people. If you treat them as unimportant, your puzzle will always have missing pieces.


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