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Who Is The Real You? - Grasshopper

It’s easy to say who we’re not. We’re not our thoughts or behaviors, even though we are responsible for them. Neither are we our name, role, station in life, attitudes, assertions, declarations or beliefs.

So then, who are we, really?


Pretend there are three doors and behind one of them is the real you. What, then, are the 3 doors?


The first door is our conscious mind – The Thinker. This is the assembler of mental nuts and bolts that make their way into our consciousness. We take in information and we form thoughts, ideas, concepts, and eventually craft a conditioned self-image. This is who we think we are.


The second door is our subconscious mind – Habit Central. This is the part of us that has formed patterns, consciously forgotten in many cases, but alive and well in our daily life. This is where our habits and beliefs reside and they run in the background 24/7. Many believe this is who we really are.


Behind door number three is the real key to the mystery – The Observer. The “Real You” is the part of you that observes your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors as they are happening. We are a real time witness to our thinking and behaving. The observer of our conscious and unconscious mind is who we really are.


When we observe, we create a sense of distance from the image of ourselves and actually experience our raw essence – the creative force behind all our creativity. Some people might refer to this force as God. I call it the “Real You.”


When you discover, through observation, that you are not your thoughts and behaviors, you have access to the creativity to outgrow or update thinking patterns, beliefs and ways of doing things that are no longer useful.


It may take some convincing that you are not the thoughts that roll around in your mind or the behaviors that are getting in your way. You can prove it to yourself by beginning to observe your mind at work. Observe as an audience member – someone who is watching the show, not someone participating in it.


As an unattached observer, you will witness from afar that your thoughts and behaviors are not who you really are.


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