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Angle Of View - Grasshopper

Do you see things differently? Of course you do because you have a specific angle of view.

The circle has been broken down to 360 degrees thanks to the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians. That means there are at least 360 points of view in your circle of friends or acquaintances.


The problem we often run into is getting stuck on our point of view – which is often just an opinion. I used to argue my point of view as fact until I realized that fact, like truth, has no opposite. If there was credible information that didn’t agree with my argument, then my argument was just one of many degrees on the circle, not the whole circle.


You can discover new points of view by doing a very simple exercise: Imagine yourself standing on a point of a circle – any point. Then just shift your position a few degrees either way. The result, if you pay attention, will be a different feeling within you. You now are seeing and feeling from a different angle of view. It is how discoveries are made.


Quoting Nobel Prize winning biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”


Perhaps if you’re perennially stuck in some area of life, it can prove quite valuable to approach it from a different angle of view. Just shifting a few degrees can uncover something new.


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