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Are You Still Dancing With The One That Brung Ya? - Grasshopper

Let’s pretend that life is a dance contest.  A telltale sign of whether you’re winning or losing are the dance steps that you take.

Are you using the same dance floor moves that don’t move you anymore? Then you are only dancing with the steps that have brought you to this point. How do we update our dance and move forward? It’s a “two-step” process:


1.     Recognize that you’re out of step.

2.     Be willing to wiggle in a new direction.


Step One is easy. Either you’re winning or losing. That’s easy to tell.


Step Two begins by not justifying Step One any more. Part two of Step Two is to commit to learning something new.


“The reason I dance this way” is the excuse that won’t let you cut loose. Leave your dance story in the dust and beat a path to a different drummer.


Learn from others. What steps have they taken that you didn’t know existed or heretofore refused to follow?


Step in their direction and follow their recipe step-by-step, and before too long you’ll be dancing in the direction of the winner’s circle.


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