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Reality Doesn’t Have Shades Of Gray - Grasshopper

Reality presents us with “Is” or “Isn’t.” There is no in-between. It’s like an on or off switch or ones and zeros in computer binary code.

The shades of grey in reality aren’t reality at all; they are just interpretations.


We interpret reality in accordance with our beliefs, yet reality doesn’t require believers. It just is.


There is not my reality or your reality – just reality – that which happens.


The discussions of why things happened are always after the fact and filled with interpretations formed by beliefs. “It was God’s will” is my personal favorite interpretation. Like any of us has any idea of what “God’s will” is, if, in fact, such a thing exists.


Here’s a reality mantra I believe worth adopting: IT HAPPENED!


Once reality is recognized and acknowledged, it’s time to form a response to it, not a litany of reactions as to why it happened.


Yes, inspect the wreckage of a plane crash or a plan that didn’t work to find out the cause, so future catastrophes can be prevented. Don’t, however, let your laments keep you in cement.


Reality is the only truth. There’s not “my truth” or “your truth,” only the evidence of what happened. Use those facts to shine a light on a forward path, rather than delving into the shady, gray area of interpretation.


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