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Conduit For Creativity - Grasshopper

Here’s The Question: Do you want to be Conduit for Creativity or do you remain mundane and stay the same?

Another way of asking it is: Do you want access to a larger alphabet or are you satisfied with just ABC?


We are all creative. The only thing that stands in the way is thinking about everything in the same way.


We rely on our thinking to move us to greater heights but it’s repetitive and keeps the answer that’s right there waiting, out of sight.


Thinking serves a purpose. It’s the logic that puts our intuitions into useable form. But by itself, it’s like the movie Groundhog Day.


So how do we make room for our intuition? Our creativity?


We have to temporarily move thinking out of the way. To make that recommendation more than a directive without direction, learn to make quiet time for yourself each day. It’s in the abyss of silence that we are granted access to our creativity.


Remember: Creativity comes through you, not to you. In order for it to gain passage, we have to practice mental silence. If that’s foreign to you, look for a class at your local library or YMCA or civic group or church on mindfulness. Take a yoga class, learn to meditate, or any other method of reflection that turns down the noise.


It’s in this space between your thoughts that creativity is in abundance. Become a conduit. Don’t crowd it out by “thinking” you can think your way to it.


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