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The Final Chapter - Grasshopper

Having written a book, for me, the hardest part after getting started was writing the final chapter. It often leaves you unsatisfied, and I think it’s why most people are disappointed with the final episode of a long-running TV series.

There are so many loose ends to tie up and little time to do it.


The same seems to be the case when someone is leaving this earth for whatever is next. The question is: What would you want to fill up your final days with?


The answers vary but all have a common theme: to be surrounded by those close to you. That’s the answer for those dying.


What about people who aren’t at death’s door? My sense is their focus would be best served by living their final chapter every day. That means to surround yourself with the environment and the people that promote ease, comfort, and love.


Waiting for the end to take care of what’s in the middle is one of life’s solvable riddles.


Now is always the time to feel comfortable, at ease, and have love in your heart. Now is the middle ground between past and future and it’s the only time you can feel – so vow to feel good now!


The advice to “Live this day like it may be your last” is a bit fatalistic to me, but it does contain a core truth”: create your final chapter now and live it each day. It’s the closest thing there is to a happy ending.


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