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Solution Dissolution - Grasshopper

The Grasshopper uttered this on Christmas Day: “Arguing to be right prevents reaching a solution.”

Have you ever been in a situation where you or another were so focused on being right that you forgot about the objective: reaching a solution?


I find the people who do this the most have high polarity. By that I mean they have been conditioned to be oppositional – " you say “up” and they say “down.” Going the other way is their default position and many of them are unaware that they do this because it comes so easily to them.


It’s not my mission to change oppositional people. That’s something they have to do themselves. The focus of this mini screed is to recognize when you or another are avoiding a resolution by railing that you’re right.


When you come upon that realization, you can more easily switch gears and get to a resolution rather than winding up in tears.


Remember that “Right” rhymes with “Fight.” Having that knowledge will clue you in when you’re in a situation that won’t end in Win-Win.


You can gently say to the other, “we can argue about who’s right at another time. Right now, can we focus on finding a solution?”


I have come to find that “right” is a repellent. It keeps others and solutions away. If you need a resolution for the New Year, try this: “I resolve to be right less often and find more solutions.”


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