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Alignment, Purpose, Power - Grasshopper

When you’re aligned with your purpose, you unleash your power.

Power is something we all covet – albeit in different forms – but desire it, we do.


What’s your lame super power? That’s something you’re good at that doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to most people in the world. Perhaps you’re a master knuckle cracker. It may give you bragging rights, but who’s listening?


The higher power we seek is released by purpose. We just have to align ourselves with it.


To do that we first have to recognize where we’re out of alignment. That happens when you finally figure out that your thinking is not you. When you recognize that your thoughts are tape recordings of your conditioning on a continuous loop, you get a glimpse of your purpose: to quiet your talkative, conditioned mind.


When your mind calms down, you are in alignment. That’s when the door opens for your power to come through.


Make it your purpose to find the time to calm your mind. When you do, you’ll access the power to make more of your dreams come true.


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